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10 Habits That Ruin Your Eye Health

Hello beauties, how are you today? In today’s article, I am trying to get your focus to your eyes. We all think our eyesight is just fine and never even care to get a doctors appointment to get our eyes checked until a serious issue occurs. But you must know our eyes play a vital part in our body’s function. Improving our eyesight and keep them healthy is very important.

Let’s see how to avoid our common mistakes that damage and ruin eye health.

1. Rubbing your eyes frequently 

It is tempting to rubbing your eyes so eagerly when an itch occurs. But it is not healthy since it can break the blood vessels under the eyelids and damage the lense. The best way to get rid of the itchiness is, wash your eyes with cold water a few times and gently pat the area.

2. Staring at your mobile phone 

It is not good to strain your eyes to read the tiny text on your cell phone that causes the tired eyes. If you’re doing this for hours it could lead to blurred vision, dry eyes, dizziness, and nausea in the worst case.

Give your eyes a break at least every 15 minutes. Make the font size of your phone bigger so your eyes won’t get stressed.

3. Not getting a sufficient night sleep 

Lack of sleep can lead to a lot of problems, such as weight loss, depression, and a weak immune system. Lack of sleep is also not good for your eyes that can lead to twitching, dry eyes, blurry vision, and pain. Make sure you get a minimum of seven-hour sleep.

4. Watching TV at night without a trace of time 

It is not good to look at any type of screen right before bed especially in the dark, including your mobile phone. Your eyes have to work hard to process the changes of light, which can lead to eyestrain, headaches and dry eye. In the worse case, this can ruin your good night sleep which causes serious health problems over time.

Reading in the dim light isn’t advisable too. It does strain your eyes, which can make them more tired and strained.

5. Sleeping in your contact lenses 

Even if it is late or you’re tired, do not go to sleep in your contact lenses. It increases the risk of infection that could lead to permanent damage. Be more sanitizing when removing and store your contact lenses for the next use.

6. Wrong application of eye makeup 

There’ s a lot involved when it comes to eye makeup. Mascara, eyeliners, all types of eye shadow, and eye primers. Try to apply the products far away from your lash line so you don’t block the oil glands of your lids. A buildup around the water lines can cause infections very easily. It can lead to painful itching.  Keep a track of the opening dates of your products and throw away your eye makeup products when they are about to expire.

Wash all your eye make up brushes as often you can, at least wash them once a week.

7. Not having well-balanced meals 

As we all know, we need the essential nutrients to function. Vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins are essential. Most of the time, we rush to work and try running errands all day, so that we do not have time to get or prepare balanced meals. Therefore take some time off to prepare meals combined with all the essential parts in.

Most importantly, try to drink lots of water during the day. Dehydration causes dry eys, as well as not good for your body and skin.

8. Not wearing your sunglasses and blue light filter glasses for digital screens 

Sun’s UVA and UVB can do serious damage to your eyes as well. Make sure to shop your sunglasses/ eyewear from the reputed eye health care specializing brands. Most fashion brands have come up with the most fashionable styles, but they are not very much protective for the eyes.

9. Not using safety goggles at home and when swimming 

Do not risk your eyes being exposed to chemicals in cleaning products, hot grease, and oil splatters during cooking. Home repairs involving nails and stuff could harm your eyes accidentally. Therefore wear some safety goggles before the repairs/ house fixing work.

Moreover, wear goggles when swimming in pools or lakes, it avoids the damage of chlorine water getting to eyes and protect from other particles in lakes.

10. Not visiting your eye doctor at right intervals 

Go see your ENT doctor at right intervals. We tend to see the doctor only when a serious eye issue or symptoms occur, but it is advisable to go see your doctor at least every six months and get your overall eye health and vision checked.

Do not continue your eye drops using the same-old prescription as for your convenience. See your doctor and get a new prescription for the improved condition or he will advise for the next step.

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