6 Tips for a Safe and Flawless Shave

Is it bad to shave our body?  Does shaving thicken the hair? Does shaving lead to faster hair growth?

Hey Beauties, I know it is a real struggle sometimes, to have clean legs and a clear body without ingrown hair. With all the errands that we have to run, we sometimes do not get time to hit a salon.

To answer the above burning questions, it is not bad to shave our body, especially the legs and under the arm area if you are being cautious and careful. When we use a razor what happens is, you cut them midway. It is like cutting a tree in between. Of course, the edge of the cut will feel coarse but it will grow to the normal length. This doesn’t mean shaving thickens your hair or leads to faster growth.

So let’s see what are the simple steps we can take for a smooth shave.


1. Wait till the end of your shower, to shave. The steam will soften and make the hairs smooth so that you can easily shave.

2. Shave downwards for a safe cut of hairs without cutting the tips of the pores(which later leads scarring), but if you need a smoother shave, you will have to shave upwards being very careful and slow.  Use a good lather to have a smooth glide.

3. To Prevent irritation, especially on the bikini and underarm areas since they are very very delicate, use a good shaving cream to avoid friction between the blade and your skin.

4. Wash and clean your razor well and keep it out of the shower to avoid the bacteria growth, which can later irritate the skin on your next shave.

5. Apply a good moisturizer. Use a moisturizing deodorant to soothe your underarm area and follow a good body butter on the other shaved areas.

6. Maintain the hydration. Continue the moisturizing process especially on shaved areas even after the day you shaved. Apply a good sunscreen for the areas that expose to sun.

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