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Do Things You Never Do – Radiate Confidence and Beauty

Hey beauties, welcome back. Today let’s turn the heads where we never thought we should, mostly for the inner peace and mental health.

It’s always busy life.  Work, housework, kids, and all the drama. We have almost forgotten that inner peace and mental health of our own self. You need to be fit, you need to be happy, you need to feel great and essentially you need to enjoy every bit of it.

So, let’s see how we can achieve this stage that we feel fulfilled and happy. Be that person who inspires the family, friends and whoever around.

1. Focus on your health – A busy day is your enemy I know; you even don’t have a minute to sip water. Remember anything can wait a bit, it is you the most important person, you must be healthy and fit to do anything else. Therefore, spare few minutes to have a healthy meal, drink water (of course go to the washroom as many times you need to), take the medical tests at least in every six months to see the cholesterol and sugar levels, etc. Try to have some good sleep. Its all about managing the days work, get help from your family.

Go to the gym at least for half an hour.

2. Go to a salon/ spa – Yes, we can do a mask at home, we can clean our face at home, and we can apply nail polish ourselves where we ruin the peace of it trying to run errands in between. You really need to have some peaceful minutes of indulgence to replenish your mind and body. Therefore, go to a salon or a spa, have some self-alone time getting a nice massage, cute nail art or a good steamy facial. It will give you both inner and outer therapy.

3. Go shopping – Not the regular grocery shopping of course. Go shop some makeup, try them on and buy some new clothes. If the budget is tight (I mean it is the problem we all have), try some budget-friendly places, buy the basic classy classic pieces that never go out of style so that you can mix and blend.

4. Turn your cheat-meal to your weekly sweet-getaway – Yes, we need to eat healthily and we need to be cautious on what takes in. But it is no harm in feeding our taste buds with some treat. It will refresh you and give all the joy in the world (If you know what I mean…lol). Just don’t be afraid or think of your model buddy’s figure. Enjoy while you live, life is too short to miss all the fun in the food.

5. Go on dates weekly – I know! Everybody stops dating once they get married and the so-called “busyness” keeps them at home, typical nights ordering a pizza or watching tv. Please just go out with your husband, boyfriend or friends. Replenish your week, add some color to it. Having a good time enjoying nature or a good wine will give that sparkle back, trust me.


6. Wear bright colors or way different bold style that you never tried – Alright beauties I know it is not easy and we never used to. But trust me, trying bright colors or bold prints, a different fashion style will give you a great feeling and a brand-new-you aura. Try the colors that you never tried may look so glam on you, you never know. So, go on, experiment and be fearless. Get your inner model out.

7. The shoe game – We all come in different shapes and sizes, that I adore. A lot of women tend to wear the same shapes and heels for years, for all the outfits they have. It is not flattering at all if you repeat the same shoe/ shoe type with all your outfits. Try a different shape, different height, and color. If you are plus size, that’s amazing and try a low heel preferably one inch or two. See how much it changes your look. Some are short, so they tend to wear high heels all the time which is not healthy. Just shoot confidence, and feel great in your own skin, your height, and your size. Do not make them your barriers to try new things.

8. Bright hair and new makeup – Finally, your hair. Every day the same look and color won’t be much flattering and challenging. Lot of us being a bit lazy or scared to change the hair color is the common reasons, so try a new bright shade no matter the season. Even the makeup looks, just try new bright pastel colors. What is being trendy is trying new colors and shades for all seasons.






I do admire individuality and diverse beauty.
I love to honor every human being by contributing to inspire, empower and uplift in ways possible. My passion for style, makeup, travel, and health led me here today, so I could share what I learn, experience and research.
I believe in the fact that a little kindness goes a long way and doing your best would surely change the world for better.
Being thankful, grateful, kind, loving and awesome is the key for a happy peaceful life. So, let's be so.

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