How to Save More Money

In a world of colorful and tempting indulgences, it is way hard not to spend our money on all cravings. All the crazy makeup, mouthwatering diets, colorful clothes, elegant handbags, trendy shoes, high tech video games, and all the jazz; never-ending eye-candies. I too used to be the crazy shopper craved for ‘un-common’/rare clothing, the high-end or whatever pieces I think I need, all the makeup, shoes, and still, spend whatever it takes for a great coffee (working on making coffee at home now).

But I started trying to practice some simple creative strategies that slash the unwanted expenditure and save some extra money.

So, let’s dive into the tips and tricks to save some money no matter you are on a tight budget.

  1. Make your coffee at home – I know, coffee is my favorite part of the day too. I absolutely love going to coffee shops, having my coffee with a little treat and work on my projects. But, spending $10 once or twice a day is definitely adding up, like $300- 400 per month. So, try approaching the coffee shops once/ twice a week and make your coffee at home.


  1. Make a weekly meal plan – This seems a bit of work, but trust me you can save a lot of money here. Rather than shopping whatever you see in the grocery or supermarket, try to grab the stuff you plan for the week.
    1. First, this helps to reduce unnecessary wastage of food and
    2. second, it makes you stop dinning outside which is No.1 expense for most households.



  1. Mindful of online shopping– Think and wait for at least 24 hours before clicking ‘Buy’. This has tremendously helped me refrain from buying all the unwanted stuff I thought I need. First, the next day you will see, it was just a temptation-at-first-sight nothing you really needed, so you saved your pennies without wasting on a piece you might not even using. Second, you get the chance to go out and see or swatch the product to make sure it really matches or beneficial to you.


  1. Be creative with gifts – Let me start with a little note, so many people just give away something they have in their houses that they don’t use/ like. That piece won’t even relevant or useful to the person who receives it as a gift. Therefore, a little thought, it is great if you could be a little thoughtful on the gifts for your friend and family. Coming back to being creative with the gifts, a handmade birthday card with your own handwritten note not only show that you care but also sentimental and could be made with the stuff you already have in your house. Most people appreciate the thought behind the gift, so don’t be afraid to save some money and find less expensive ways to celebrate the events.


  1. Go for the quality over quantity – This can apply for most parts of your needs. Going for the quality over quantity will help save you more in the long run. Cheap items neither last long or perform well which makes you buy repeatedly costing more money.
    1. Clothing, handbags, and shoes- Go for the good quality classic pieces even if they are a bit expensive because the classic pieces never go out of trend and last longer so that you can mix and match.
    2. Electronics – Buy high-quality electronics, might as well multifunction so that they last longer with fewer repairs and give you different benefits at the same time.


  1. Stop trying to keep up with your friends or family who spend millions and show the status off– I know it is hard to keep your blinders on, and not to compare your life/ belongings or success with others around you. It is in a way not healthy at all having that unnecessary pressure on trying to gain what others have that you don’t. The most important thing is, to be clear about what matters the most and what you really need. Make sure you create a financial plan that supports your true needs. So that you don’t have to lose your money on things that you don’t need and impressing people you don’t like.


  1. Note down your credits and debits and analyze– Keep a journal recording your transactions daily or weekly, so that you can see where you are heading and stop the unwanted expenditure. This will illustrate where to spend and not.


  1. Work more when possible and fit – This might sound that you should not be getting your days/ weekend off, no it is not. This means, you can try to work maybe some extra hours or a public holiday when possible and fit. This will give you some extra money as well, refrain you from shopping and spend money unnecessarily when you roam around.


  1. Watch movies at home – I know, we all love to go to the theatre or movies with a handful of costly-inside-theatre-food and friends. But believe me, every film is not worth watching on the big screen with that great sounds. Try watch movies, downloaded at home (they usually get released to the websites that you can download free), and limit the movie hall visits to the good quality movies that you really watch on the big screen.


  1. Quit smoking– Feels impossible? No, it shouldn’t be, cutting out this expensive habit can save you a fortune. Calculate how much you spend on smoking for a month, and you will see how much you can save if you stop or reduce. This not only saves your money now but will make you healthy and stop you spend more money on medical bills later.



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