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Hello beautiful, wishing you a youthful day. Today I’m going to talk about the current buzz in the town. Marc Jacobs finally dives into skincare and this is their first face cream. I’m totally in love with their bunch of makeup products, so definitely wanted this bad boy a try.

I bought this from Sephora Dubai, and it was AED240 (which equivalent to LKR 11,600/-), this retails in the USA for $59. It is pricy, so let’s see the pros and cons before you decide to buy this.

MARC JACOBS claims this to be a multitasking moisturizer with 54% powerful pineapple enzymes and 5% encapsulated sodium hyaluronate that provides deep hydration and retexturizing results for glowing youthful skin, giving you a makeup-ready canvas.

They claim that the hydration lasts up to 24 hours and most suited for normal to dry skin types.


My experience

Alright, let’s talk about how this performed on my skin. I have dry skin that seems to be a combination at times due to oily T-zone.

This cream has a very nice refreshing tropical scent which I love, and the texture is also very creamy and lightweight. Of course, it feels very hydrating and so good on the skin.

But I must say, the hydration did not last for 24 hours on my face, it was there for like 5 hours on my skin when I was in an air-conditioned environment. I feel this will be a good moisturizer for the summertime since it is very lightweight on the skin.

This won’t work ‘well with stick foundations, as the hydration didn’t last for longer. I do not recommend applying powder on top of this too, it will be too drying. But this might be going well with a liquid foundation if you use a hydrating primer underneath.

There is another thing I must say, if you are allergic to vitamin C on your skin, you should think twice before buying this. Some people including me breakout from vitamin C. Vitamin C is formulated at a low pH which can be irritating to the skin causing little bumps all over. I have tried creams and serums with vitamin C, but sadly I found that I am intolerant to vitamin C. I got irritations every time I tried products with vitamin C, no matter the percentage of vitamin C was low.

This cream has 54%pineapple enzymes, that is quite a lot. So, if you are intolerant to vitamin C which leads irritating to the skin, I will not recommend you buying this cream. First, try to get a sample and patch test.

Everyone’s skin is different. What works well for me might not work well on your skin. Therefore, always go for a patch test before buying a full product. This will save a lot of money.

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