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Best Essential Makeup Brushes

Trust me, you don’t need a hundred makeup brushes for your makeup. This era actually is all about blending using clean fingers. Most renowned makeup artists use their fingers to blend foundation, concealer, blush or whatever makeup product literally.

I too enjoy using my fingers to blend makeup on my face, but if you are a beginner and prefer using brushes, here are the most essential brushes that you will need.

As you know, there are thousands of brushes in the market today, I am sure you would be lost when it comes to choosing the correct brush for a particular need.

Makeup brushes come in different sizes, bristle shapes, lengths, density, and different materials. Most of the brushes don’t come properly named which cause a heck of confusion.

Therefore, below I have listed the most needed brushes simplified, just for you. This will save your time googling for brushes and most important save your money.

You don’t have to go for the same brushes I have mentioned below, go for anything similar that fits your budget.




  1. Foundation Brush/ contour brush – I recommend a full-bodied foundation brush. A medium-density liquid foundation brush, that as well can be used to blend a stick foundation. This type of brush is designed to make your skin look like skin.

*2nd benefit is, you can use the same brush for contouring your face. If you do not prefer contouring your face, you can skip this step and go ahead bronzing your face to give some warmth and dimension.

Fenty Beauty Full-bodied Foundation Brush


  1. Angled Blush/ Bronzer Brush – This brush is just perfect for the blush and bronzer. Its slanted bristles give you the right precision on your cheeks and around the face.

*Always tap off the access product (powder) before swirling the brush.

KIKO Milano Face10 Blush Brush


  1. Flat Concealer Brush – This will help you to apply your concealer on the areas you need, with the right amount. Blend the product with it and later blend the edges with your fingers for a more natural look.
NARS no.7 Brush
  1. Fluffy Face Powder Brush – This depends on the area you need to cover. Some of you may like to cover only your T-zone to stop getting oily throughout the day, or some of you may need to powder the whole face and neck. It is better to have a brush with dense and fluffy bristles. That will aid you with an air-brushed finish.
ZOEVA Powder Brush
  1. Face Highlighter Brush – This is optional. If you like to enhance your features by adding some spice to your high points of the face, you can use this brush.

*You can use the below brush since it is a dual-ended for powder and highlighter. This brush is way convenient for carrying and you can buy one brush instead of two.

HOURGLASS Veil Powder Brush





  1. Eyeshadow Shader Brush – This simply can be used to pack the eyeshadow on your eyelids. For me, this is enough to blend the shadow too. But to be cleaner on the edges and for a smooth look, you will need a blending brush which is optional.
ANASTASIA BH- E1 Shader Brush
  1. Eyeshadow Blending Brush (optional) – This is optional, but it will help you to blend the edges when you use darker shades with the shader brush. At those occasions, the shader brush might mess up the soft edges.
e.l.f Cosmetics Eyeshadow Blending Brush
  1. Tapered Eyeshadow Brush – This brush for me is kinda optional too. I recommend this if you need to have a precise practice around the waterline and outer corners of the lids. Even to blend on eyelids, this would be an ideal.
SIGMA E45 Blending Brush




  1. Eyebrow Brush – This will give you a proper hand to draw hair-like strokes on your eyebrows. A bit hard, flat, blunt edge will give you precise strokes.
ZOEVA Browline no.322 Brush





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