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This is the first palette I purchased from NATASHA DENONA, as I was longing to see what all this luxurious rave is about. Since her palettes are a bit pricey, I wanted to give this a go first. As Natasha Denona products are not available where I live, I had to purchase this palette from the UK.

 no. 14 palette,  14g,  $38

Beige shade- no.02 TOUTOU, Coral shade- no. 09 GOLDEN CORAL

It has two shades; one is the dominant color (Golden Coral) and the other is the subtler color (Toutou).

As per the Natasha Denona,

  1. This blush duos are with finely milled powder
  2. Non-oily
  3. Intensely pigmented
  4. Perfect for all skin types
  5. Gives a natural and bright look


My thoughts and experience

  1. Yes, this palette has finely milled powder and applies on the skin so smoothly which I love.
  2. Yes, it is not oily and stays put for long hours, like 7- 8 wear time. (that is the maximum hours I had them on before removed)
  3. These two shades are not pigmented much, especially the coral shade doesn’t come out well. There is a nice sheen to it, but the colors are not intense. The shade TOUTOU quite came out nicely and visible as a highlighting shade since it is not matte, it is shimmery. The shade GOLDEN CORAL is supposed to be the intense and pigmented shade but it is not, it looks shimmery too, so it came out like dewy highlighter with a hint of pinkish pearly color.
From bottom, shade no.02 TOUTOU, shade no.09 GOLDEN CORAL(Pink hued), Shawn- both colors packed more than five times.
  1. Since the duo is not matte, it’s kind of accentuate the pores and texture if you apply overboard. Therefore, be mindful about it.
  2. Yes, it looks natural on the skin, the sheen it has is not harsh, it is really smooth. So, it gives a very natural highlighting effect that I like.


How I use it

  1. The first way I use this is, on top of another blush. As this duo is not pigmented, what I love to do is, using a cream or matte blush first and buff the two shades mixed on the cheekbones. 2. Secondly, I love to top these on the eyelids. I do not apply these alone. I would apply a matte eyeshadow, or powder first and then apply these on top using the fingertips.



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