About us

About Us

WELCOME to DazzlingDona Beauty and Lifestyle Blog!

Honestly, with the amount of stuff we get every day, the search for the best beauty updates and healthy lifestyle can be exhausting, and when you do finally find a great article or beauty advice, figuring out the most effective ways can be just as daunting. We do not have every minute in the world to filter the cyber soup. Let’s be real, we need help.

The best beauty tips and tricks do all the wonder for us, so all we have to do is follow a simple how-to-look-our-best routine and how-to-stay-healthy-and-happy life mantra. Whether they’re into luxury beauty secrets or accurate priceless fitness tips, either way it’s a win-win that makes our lives healthier, easier, happier and way more fun.

Makeup, fashion, fitness and travel have always been so much more to me so I could share the experience to inspire and empower every soul possible. it’s completely amazing, transforming, replenishing and wonderful to contribute in ways I possibly could.

Beauty, good health, healthy love and true happiness do effect our lives, our mood, our confidence, and the way we feel; simply it is the core for an enetgetic, positive and beautifully peaceful lifestyle.

So I simply do belive this blog will inspire, empower and uplift you, so that you will radiate confidence and happiness. Stay connected.

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!